Top Five Communication keys to Assist You Gain the Honor of Your Team

Top Five Communication keys to Assist You Gain the Honor of Your Team

Communication keys misfires can lead to problematic and unhealthy cases within your work place. This can rapidly lead to problems when addressing with clients or each other, reducing sales and overall success within your agency. Here are few lessons we can all learn from this all-too-common issue.

Communication Keys Practices to Employ with Your New Team

  1. Begin by inquire yourself, “At the end of my time leading this group, what will my team members say that I did?”This strong and provocative question challenges you to consider deeply about your role and about the impact you desire to have in this group. Write down and share your thoughts with your new team. Inquire them to hold you accountable for your description. Your willingness to state your intentions and commitment publicly will gain the honor of your team members. Be prepared to live up to your devotion.
  2. Inquire for input one person at a time.While you might not be capable to ignore being introduced to your new team in a group setting, resist the urge to share your leadership manifesto in this setting. Rather, quickly move to set up one-on-one discussions with each team member. Use these initial sessions as an opportunity to ask questions. Try: What’s Working? What’s Not? What do you need me to do to help?Take great notes, and remember that you own the follow-up from these sessions.
  3. Harness the power of queries. Queries are your best friend when it comes to gaining credibility with your new team. When you inquire someone for their opinion, you are indicating that you value their experience and ideas, you’re displaying a powerful form of respect. Be careful not to ask for opinions and then ignore the input, or the positive feelings will quickly turn sour.
  4. Learn over the team’s history and culture. Any group that has been together for any length of time has developed a distinct culturebased on shared history. Listen and learn and inquire about the team’s prior successes and heroic efforts.Strive to learn how everyone works together and what they view as their collective strengths and gaps.
  5. Seek a feedback buddy.This individual plays the corporate equivalent of what the Navy SEALs term a “swim buddy.” For the SEALs, everyone in their BUDS training program is allocated an individual who goes everywhere, does everything and gives help and has your back. The role of the feedback buddy is a bit less extreme but still essential. This supporting character offers you the frank feedback on your performance that most team members are afraid to give.

Conclusion of communication keys:

The “I am here and are not you excited!” new manager is frustrating to everyone involved. The point in time when you assume responsibility for a group that is new to you is filled with ample opportunities to misstep and misfire. Do not let your mouth run ahead of your brain. Rather, ask questions, listen carefully and tread softly before you share your opinions.


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